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Cross Country

Det bästa av mountainbiking


Experience epic days on the trail - have fun climbing up hills and flowing back down into the valley


Our Gravity bikes are not afraid of anything or anyone - cool downhill lines or big jumps in the bike park are their natural habitat. So if you're into fast and dirty, you've come to the right place!


X-Up, 360 tailwhip, or backflip are your favourite moves? With our dirt bikes, you'll become a high-flyer and rock the pump tracks and dirt spots with the most amazing tricks, just like the pros!

Which bike suits you best?


Count Solo

from 5 556,09 kr

from 12.9 kg

The best-selling hardtail for off-road and everyday use

Thrill Hill

from 25 598,11 kr

from 11.8 kg

Full-suspension carbon race bike for challenging routes


from 30 051,89 kr

from 8.9 kg

Highend carbon race hardtail



from 14 463,65 kr

from 12.9 kg

The progressive hardtail for maximum fun on the trail!

Ground Control

from 17 803,99 kr

from 13.7 kg

The versatile all-rounder for fun on tours and trails

Root Miller

from 20 030,88 kr

from 14.5 kg

Made for intense lines on technically demanding terrain


from 14 463,65 kr

from 17.9 kg

Made for intense lines on technically demanding terrain

The Bruce

from 8 896,43 kr

from 11.1 kg

Most wanted dirt bike


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    • What is an MTB?
      What is an MTB?
      Mountain bikes are the classic off-road bikes. Almost all mountain bikes are equipped with a suspension fork and relatively wide, chunky tyres. High-quality bikes today usually have a hydraulic disc brake to provide the appropriate braking power and safety on any terrain.

      The various MTB disciplines are meant for a variety of terrains. That’s why the equipment required is sometimes very different and not every bike is suitable for every route.

      Mountain bikes can be split into two categories based on their chassis - hardtail and full suspension bike (or fully suspension for short).

      The hardtail has a suspension fork at the front, is super versatile and great for achieving a solid riding foundation. In addition, the hardtail is uncomplicated and low-maintenance, lighter than most fullys and often cheaper to buy.

      The Fully, as the name suggests, is a full-suspension – it has a suspension fork at the front and a shock absorber in the rear. It offers more comfort and riding performance for the intended use. More traction & stability make for higher speeds downhill and better controllability in challenging terrain.

      There are various travel options for different routes or intended uses. Everything from 100mm to 200mm. The distinction between travel lengths can give you an initial overview of the bike's capabilities. However, the travel length can only be used as an orientation.

      Next take a look at the frame geometry – if you look at our bikes, you'll notice that their frames sometimes have very different shapes. These shapes are key for the intended use of the bikes, because they are decisive for the riding behaviour, and differ depending on the intended use of the respective mountain bike.