Payment methods


You will be automatically redirected to the PayPal page after completing your order so that you can complete your payment. Your PayPal account will be debited directly.

Why is PayPal not a payment option for my order?
We only offer the option of paying via PayPal for products available for immediate dispatch for items being shipping to the EU or Switzerland. If one or more items in your order are currently not in stock or if you are shipping to outside the EU or Switzerland, then you cannot pay via PayPal.

Credit Card

You can pay with VISA or Master Card during the order process. Your credit card will be charged once we ship your items.

Store Payment

What payment methods are accepted at the stores?

  • Credit card (Mastercard/Visa)
  • EC-card/debit
  • Cash
  • Mobile payment options (Apple Pay & Google Pay)
  • Voucher

  • Other

    What do I need to do if I receive a payment reminder?
    Please check whether you have already made a payment and otherwise transfer the open balance listed in the reminder according to the instructions. Once we receive the payment the matter will be closed. If you have already made a transfer, then you are welcome to send us proof of payment via email, so that we can close the matter.

    How do I get a copy of the invoice?
    Just call us or send an email. We will send you a copy of the requested invoice.

    Intra-community delivery
    As we usually only supply private individuals, we also charge the VAT of the respective country as provided for and reported via the OSS system. We do not process deliveries to foreign entrepreneurs with ID numbers but instead reject them in advance as they are technically too complex and involve a high administrative effort. Unfortunately, we therefore cannot offer tax-free intra-community deliveries.

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    We reserve the right to process the shipment using a different payment method to the one you have requested, and will notify you in advance if this is the case.