Safety Notices and Recalls

Garmin Safety Notice

NEO Bike Plus Service Information

Problem: With an external power supply, in a few cases a short circuit can occur in one of the components during the start-up process of the NEO Bike Plus. In a few cases this can lead to overheating.

To isolate the problem, the software of the NEO Bike Plus must be updated. The new software version contains a protection mechanism and checks all internal components during the start-up process.

Updating the trainer software:

    1. To carry out the software update, the NEO Bike Plus must be connected to the external power supply once. If an odor or heat develops, the power supply must be disconnected immediately.
    2. If necessary, install the Tacx Training app and pair it with the trainer:
      a. Install the Tacx Training app from the app store on your smartphone or tablet and open it.
      b. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the pairing and setup.
    3. Turn the pedals and connect the trainer to the app.
    4. Select the NEO Bike Plus in the Tacx Training app.
    5. Select Firmware update > Update.
    6. The software update process can take a few minutes.
    7. Check that the app shows the latest trainer version: version 5.1.0 or higher.
    8. IMPORTANT: Use the NEO Bike Plus only without an external power supply and with updated software (version 5.1.0 or higher) until you receive further information from us.

The picture above is a representative photo of Neo Bike Plus Indoor-Trainers.