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Your colour roasted olive

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Your frame size

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this is how you calculate your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size



Landsvägscyklar/Gravel Innerbenslängd x 0,66 = Ramstorlek i cm
MTB Innerbenslängd x 0,226 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,885 = Sadelhöjden för alla cyklar

Om du är mittemellan två storlekar, har du två val: Välj den mindre storleken om du föredrar en sportig sittställning eller den större ramen om du föredrar en bekvämare mer upprätt sittställning.

I vår video finns steg-för-steg-instruktioner till hur du hittar rätt ramstorlek. Vi visar hur du enklast mäter axelbredden, innerbenslängden och armlängden.

Vill du har hjälp när det gäller valet av ramstorlek, kontakta våra experter!

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24 484,66 kr

Pris inkl. MOMS plus 918,00 kr (för leverans till Sverige)

  • Built in Bocholt, Germany
  • Best quality for the best price
  • 6-year Crash Replacement on ROSE frames and ROSE forks

The BACKROAD AL RANDONNEUR in one word: uncompromising! With this gravel bike there is no "this or that", no need to choose one feature or the other! Set off on a long-distance adventure, get up to high speeds, commute to work and go gravel. This bike makes everything possible!

  • Vikt
    11,3 kg*
  • Frame material

Convincing shifting performance

Gravel goes travel – The GRX 810 groupset by Shimano, which is specially developed for gravel bikes, is a real all-rounder. Covering the space between MTB and road bike gears, it provides the Backroad with performance and reliability on every ride.


A versatile, practical adventurer

Equipped with a luggage rack, mudguards and diverse attachment points, this bike is the perfect useful companion. So nothing stands in the way of bikepacking adventures, epic shopping trips and commutes to work.


Minimalist & visible

See and be seen. A front and a rear light by B+M make sure you are visible any time of the day. Small and discreet, yet with enormous lighting power at the rear. A power of 100 lux and a steady light function at the front make this bike a versatile companion.

  • Beskrivning

    Our expert for adventures and long tours – the BACKROAD AL Randonneur! With or without luggage, on paved or gravel roads, for fitness, touring, or commuting – this bike lets you keep your options open. The lightweight, resilient frame, made from triple butted aluminium, is your ticket to the next adventure movie, and thanks to the lighting set, luggage rack, and fenders, it is fully prepared for a life full of long-distance tours. The many attachment points are great for your individual bike-packing setup, while also expanding the range of uses – a bike to suit your taste. A great addition is the GRX group from Shimano, as it was especially designed for gravel and made to be reliable, functionally precise, and easy to handle. A heavily-loaded bike simply must have strong brakes and SHIMANO’s GRX disc brakes provide that much-needed safety. Good vision, even in the dark, is provided by the Lumotex IQ-X headlight from B + M-, with 100 lux and a day-time light, while the ERGON SMC40 Sport Gel saddle keeps you comfortable for miles and miles.

    * approx. 11.3 kg, may vary by up to +/- 5 % due to manufacturing tolerances, weight for roasted olive frame, 57 cm, without pedals

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