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If you ride your bike frequently, you can't avoid repairs or regular maintenance and adjustments. For major issues it often makes sense to visit a specialist workshop. But you don't necessarily need a specialist to patch tyres, change inner tubes, put on new paint, adjust handlebars, saddles or brakes, or replace pedals, chains, shift and brake cables. A lot of bike work can be completed with a bit of experience, provided the right bicycle tools are at hand. Find out here which tools you absolutely need at home or should always have with you on tours.

Tools everyone should have at home

As it is very important to regularly check the functionality of your bike and carry out maintenance work, we recommend having a basic set of tools for your bike at home. It should also include a cleaning & brush kit in addition to a Phillips & slotted screwdriver, a torque spanner, a floor pump, a mounting stand, repair kit, tyre levers and chain nose pliers.


Essentials for on the go

As punctures can always occur on the road, it is advisable to always have a multitool, tyre levers, a mini pump (with CO² cartridge if necessary), a spare inner tube and self-adhesive patches with you. Alternatively, if you ride with tubeless tyres, you should have a puncture spray to hand. The best way to store tools and spare parts is in a saddle bag or a tool box that can be transported in a folding holder.

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