Dual-Position Seatpost, adjustable seatpost

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Dual-Position Seatpost, adjustable seatpost


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Turn your road bike into a time trial bike in no time – without getting off your bike!

The Dual-Position Seatpost by Redshift allows for two completely different riding positions. You can even switch between the positions on-the-fly while riding. Ideal for triathletes who would like to convert their road bike into a time trial bike. Or for travel bikers (randonneurs) and bike packers who would like to change to the aero position for some relief.

If you attach an aerobar to your bike, you usually have to move the saddle forward, too, to get into a comfortable and efficient riding position. For this, the saddle clamp often is the limit, allowing you to get only approx. 1-2 cm further to the front. With the Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost, you won’t have this problem anymore! This seatpost allows you to simply move your saddle forward or back – even while riding!
The Dual-Position Seatpost offers a large adjustment range of 5 cm to the front and rear. Particularly important: The seat height, i.e. the distance between saddle and pedals, remains the same!

1. Example of use: 2in1 road bike and time trial bike
Very quick, tool-free change between standard road bike and aero position.

2. Example of use: Time trial competitions with climbs, change of position on-the-fly
On time trial rides with climbs, often riders simply change their bikes when a flat section starts or vice versa, when changing from flat to climb. With the Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost, you can also do this in a time trial competition – even without changing your bike.
When riding uphill, you can choose the ergonomic and more powerful road position. As soon as you are on a flat stretch against the wind again, you can move the saddle forward with a flick of the wrist and get into the aero position.

3. Example of use: Bike packing travels, ultra bike marathons
For bike packers, the aero position itself is not crucial, but being able to change the riding position after many kilometres in the saddle is. It relieves the back as well as the bottom. During long, straight and windy stretches, it can also be nice to be able to lower the upper body and thus beat the headwind.

• On-The-Fly change of riding positions while riding
• Choose for example the road position for climbs and the aero position for descents
• Distance between saddle and pedals remains the same in both positions
• Moves the saddle forward by approx. 50 mm (corresponds to approx. 3-4 degrees seat tube angle)

• Material seatpost: 6061 T6 Aluminium
• Material clamp and bolts: 7075 T6 Aluminium
• Seat post Ø: 27.2 mm
• Length: 350 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: • 75 mm
• Rearward Offset: approx. 16 mm
• Forward Offset: approx. 34 mm
• Total travel Road to Aero Position: approx. 50 mm (corresponding to approx. 3-4 degrees effective pedalling angle change)
• Max. Rider’s weight: 115 kg
• Saddle rail compatibility Ø 7 mm (round)
• Weight: approx. 400 g

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• 1 x Redshift Dual-Position Seatpost, adjustable seat post

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Dual-Position Seatpost, adjustable seatpost

Einzige Möglichkeit um bei meinem Canyon Inflite eine gute Position für Rennrad + TT hinzubekommen. Der Kraftaufwand ist auch gut gewählt, bei der Fahrt machbar, aber es verstellt sich nicht unabsichtlich.