Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive

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Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive
Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive

Elite Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive

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Get ready for a new generation of indoor training! With the Justo, Elite is presenting an interactive direct-drive trainer that serves as the brand's flagship trainer and impressively demonstrates the innovative strength of this traditional Italian company. Compared to the previous top model Direto XR, the development team has not only improved the performance data, but also implemented numerous features that make the transition from road to roller even easier, more intuitive and more realistic.

Super important - road feeling: To bring the cycling experience even closer to the road, the roller trainer’s 6.2 kg flywheel of the roller trainer is once again significantly larger than that of its predecessor. The new Flex-Feet are lighter, but just as noticeable, and allow slight lateral tilting movements of the trainer, which imitates the dynamics of cycling on the road. The elastomer feet, which are supplied in two degrees of hardness, are also designed to prevent early fatigue and counteract tension. The direct drive trainer, which is already rather quiet, is now even less noisy. This also helps you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual training experience.

The integrated Power Torque power metre has also been further improved and now delivers watt values with a maximum deviation of less than one percent – despite the consistently high braking power of up to 2300 watts and gradient simulations of up to 24 percent. You will also no longer need to do regular calibration procedures – the Elite Justo now calibrates itself automatically and unnoticed in the background. Those who frequently ride in ERG mode will also be pleased with the new "Easy Start" function, which makes it much easier to restart after unscheduled breaks.

Elite has also added many other useful features to its Smart Trainer that make it easier to pair with virtual cycling apps and peripherals of all kinds – including dual Bluetooth support, a bridge function for integrating sensor signals and the option of a secure cable connection via Ethernet. The two stand-alone modes, on the other hand, work completely without an app or even a power cable – for quick workouts in between or warm-up training before a race, for example. The Justo offers everything you could expect from a modern indoor trainer and is likely to be at the top of many cyclists' wish lists, both as a classic winter trainer and for ambitious year-round cycling.

Additional accessories are required for connection via Ethernet cable.

Top features:

The Elite Justo now makes the riding experience on the roller even more realistic. Flexible elastomer feet allow slight lateral tilting movements to give your workout a more natural dynamic. This gives you more freedom of movement and helps prevent fatigue or tension during long training sessions. The "Flex Feet" are supplied in two degrees of hardness so that you can choose according to your body weight, riding style and individual preferences.

The accuracy of the Justo data during training is guaranteed by the Optical Torque Sensor (OTS). This sensor is a built-in power metre that ensures that your wattage is measured with a maximum deviation of +/- 1%. The cadence is also recorded automatically.

The Justo is an interactive roller trainer and therefore varies the resistance automatically. It is able to simulate inclines of up to 24% and develops a power of 2300 watts at a speed of 40 km/h. With this Italian smart trainer, you will easily work up a sweat.

The Justo guarantees maximum compatibility with road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes. With the included HG-L freewheel and end caps for quick release and 12x142 thru axles, many frames and drive systems are directly compatible. With optional freehub bodies, you can also mount Campagnolo cassettes, SRAM XD/XDR cassettes and SHIMANO Micro Spline cassettes. Adapters for other thru axle dimensions are also available as accessories.

The Justo belongs to the new generation of interactive roller trainers with ANT+™ FE-C & Bluetooth, which interact with apps, software, computers and peripheral devices (smartphone and tablet) of all kinds with IOS, Android, OSX and Windows. With just a few steps, you can set training routes or programmes and off you go! Your indoor trainer automatically varies the resistance. The Justo can be controlled with the Elite software My E-Training (free access for 12 months) or other platforms for indoor cycling, including: Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, RGT, The Sufferfest, Bikevo, Bkool, Kinomap and a lot more.

With the Elite Justo roller trainer you can save yourself regular manual calibration procedures. Your Smart Trainer is able to adjust itself to you by automatically calibrating at the appropriate time. So you benefit from a new function that always supports your training with precise readings – even after changes in location, temperature etc.

Your Justo Smart Trainer has two stand-alone modes, so you can continue to use it even when it is not connected to any software or even powered. Without app control, you can still simulate training on the road with a previously set incline value between 0 and 24 percent. Without a power supply, you can still use the second stand-alone mode, which regulates the resistance depending on the speed, just like a fluid trainer. You can set the difficulty level beforehand with a value from 1 to 16.

Intensify your training experience with other Elite accessories such as the Rizer incline simulator. This way you can feel the incline and decline not only through the wattage resistance, but also through the horizontal incline of your bike, just like in real outdoor training. Or you can use the Elite Sterzo front wheel support to steer your avatar in Zwift with real steering movements instead of following the predefined riding line (integrated in RIZER).

The Easy Start function in ERG training mode makes it easier to start if you had to pause briefly at high wattage. As soon as the flywheel stops, the trainer lowers the resistance and then raises it again after a few turns of the crank. An additional power smoothing function allows you to "smooth" the output wattage values in four steps so that the number jumps are less disruptive.

To give you maximum freedom when setting up your smart trainer, the Justo can be connected to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time, for example your tablet, with the trainer app installed, and your bike computer. An unlimited number of additional devices can be integrated via ANT+. The bridge function also makes it possible to feed the signal of a heart rate monitor or cadence sensor into the Bluetooth FTMS signal in order to bypass Bluetooth limitations of other devices such as Apple TV.

With its detailed cadence analysis, the Justo is able to analyse difference in the watt power achieved with the right and left leg, detect imbalances and counteract them effectively. Moreover, the trainer delivers accurate data on cadence, pedalling efficiency as well as on power and torque efficiency. The cadence analysis feature is available for a fee in the Elite software My E-Training.

• Interactive roller trainer with direct drive (operation without rear wheel)
• Integrated OTS power metre (deviation +/-1%)
• Speed and cadence measurement
• Computer controlled resistance via ANT+ FE-C or Bluetooth FTMS
• Lateral freedom of movement due to height-adjustable elastomer feet (2 degrees of hardness)
• Side legs can be folded in
• Faux leather carrying strap for easy transport
• Cable guide sleeves to prevent damage
• Light indicators for power supply, ANT+- and Bluetooth connection
• Long rear derailleur cage support
• Can be controlled via smartphone/tablet app (iOS, Android), bike computer, sports watch, Windows and Mac via ANT+ and Bluetooth
• Connection option for optional Ethernet dongle
• Compatible with Elite Rizer Incline Simulator (prod. code 2322288) and Elite Sterzo Steering Plate (prod. code 2309874)
• Incl. wheel block to keep the front wheel at the correct height and hold it in place

Technical details:
• Drivetrain: Direct Drive (interactive)
• Resistance: electronically controlled magnetic brake
• Resistance levels: no levels
• Flywheel: 6.2 kg
• Max. simulated incline: 24 %
• Max. braking power: 1100 watts (at 20 km/h), 2300 watts (at 40 km/h)
• Stand-alone operation: yes (2 modes: without app with power / without app without power)
• Calibration: yes (automatic)
• Possibility for firmware update: yes (via app)
• Ports: 2 (power cable, Elite ethernet dongle)
• Dimensions (unfolded): approx. 570 × 720 × 520 mm (L × W × H)
• Dimensions (when folded): approx. 570 x 195 x 520 mm
• Weight: approx. 17 kg

Compatible cassettes:
• SHIMANO HG 8-/9-/10-/11-speed (MTB/Road)
• SHIMANO HG 12-speed (only Road)
• SRAM 8-/9-/10-speed (MTB/Road)
• SRAM 11-speed (only Road)
• SRAM NX 12-speed
• SHIMANO Micro Spline (separate freewheel body required – see prod. code 2307483)
• SRAM XD/XDR (separate freewheel body required – see prod. code 2307482)
• Campagnolo 9-/10-/11-/12-speed (separate freewheel body required – see prod. code 2270765)

Rear axle compatibility:
• For 20“ - 29“ wheels
• 5 x 130-135 mm quick release
• 12 x 142 mm thru axle
• 12 x 148 mm BOOST thru axle (separate adapter required – see prod. code 2309042)
• 12 x 157 mm Super BOOST thru axle (separate adapter required – Elite part 1014346)
• 10 x 135 mm Thru Bolt (separate adapter required – Elite part 1014306)
• 12 × 135 mm thru axle (separate adapter required – Elite part 1014306)
• 12 x 135 mm Specialized SCS (separate adapter required – Elite part 1014087)

Data transfer:
• ANT+ (FE-C, power & speed & cadence), unlimited
• Bluetooth (FTMS, power & speed & cadence); dual channel; bridge function for external heart rate/cadence monitor

In the box:
• 1 Elite Justo indoor trainer incl. pre-mounted SHIMANO HG freewheel and soft elastomer feet
• 1 pair of replacement elastomer feet, medium hard
• 1 mains adapter (EU standard)
• 1 quick-release skewer
• 1 adapter set for QR and thru axle attachment
• 1 Travelblock front wheel support

A sprocket set is NOT included in the scope of delivery.

My E-Training App:
The Elite Justo is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors. The Elite App My E-Training (free access for 12 months included) gives you full control over your training – choose the route or the training programme and the Justo will change the resistance accordingly. My E-Training includes: My RealVideo, Base Training, Training Test, Map Routing, Multiple User System, Video Playlist and Share Results. Besides, the app allows you to easily analyse data like power, cadence, speed, time and distance. Data is transferred via ANT+ (Fe-C) or Bluetooth. You can also use other apps that are compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ protocols, e.g. Zwift, Kinomap, Trainerroad, Bikevo, The Sufferfest or Bkool.

• My RealVideo: train with RealVideos by Elite and download My RealVideos from other users for free
• Base Training: training with constant power output, based on resistance levels and with preset programmes
• Training Test: creates an individual, one-month indoor training programme based on an evaluation test
• Cadence analysis: analyses your pedalling pattern during the complete crank revolution, in order to give you feedback about the efficiency and smoothness of your pedal stroke and show you potential for optimisation
• FTP and FTP Test: creates a training plan based on the FTP value (Functional Threshold Power) from earlier tests
• Map Routing: creates routes in any part of the world based on Google Maps
• Record GPS: records the GPS track during road training to make it available for your indoor training
• Multiple User System: the app can be used by multiple users on a single device
• Easy creation of training programmes: new graph editor to easily set new programmes
• Video Playlist: creates a playlist with videos for your training session
• Share Results: you can save, export (CSV - Comma Separated Values, Strava Tcx format) and share all performance data over social networks to monitor your performance
• In Cloud Data: stores training data in the cloud to make it available on different devices

Compatible accessories:
• Elite RIZER incline simulator (prod. code: 2322288)
• Elite STERZO interactive front wheel support with steering function (prod. code: 2309874)
• Elite STERZO front wheel support with steering function (prod. code: 2309873)
• Elite Folding Mat indoor trainer mat (prod. code: 2309875)
• Elite display stand (prod. code: 2187710)
• Elite Gel Block front wheel support (prod. code: 2098948)
• Elite Su-Sta front wheel support (prod. code: 2180896)
• Elite ANT+ Dongle (prod. code: 2304456)
• Elite thru axle adapter Boost (prod. code: 2309042)
• Elite freehub body SHIMANO Micro Spline (prod. code: 2307483)
• Elite freehub body SRAM XD/XDR (prod. code: 2307482)
• Elite freehub body Campagnolo (prod. code: 2270765)

The Elite Justo was tested by the German magazine triathlon (December 2022 issue no. 205) and received 5 out of 5 points.
Verdict (translated from German): “Volume, accuracy, stability, flexibility and responsiveness – the "Justo" from Elite convinces in all areas.”

Mechanical control:
Standard battery:
Compatible with ANT+:
Wireless control:
Zwift compatible:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
Simulated slope:
über 20%
Turob trainer wattage:
über 2000 Watt
Supplied data:
Speed, Cadence, Power measurement
Bicycle compatibility:
5 x 130/135 mm (thru axle) , 12x142 mm (thru axle), 12x148 mm (thru axle BOOST), 12x135 mm (Steckachse)
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Justo Roller Trainer Direct-Drive


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