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Record 12s Disc Brake Ergopower Ultra-Shift Brake/Shift Lever Combination (Set)

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Record 12s Disc Brake Ergopower Ultra-Shift Brake/Shift Lever Combination (Set)

Artikelnummer: 231497501

11 112,18kr

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The Record 12s Disc Brake Ergopower Ultra-Shift brake/shift lever combination unites 12 sporty gears with Campagnolo's top technologies for road bikes that have hydraulic disc brakes!

The traditional family business from the Italian provincial capital of Vicenza thus achieves an outstanding range with which you always have the right transmission at hand, from flat stages to demanding mountain pass tours. The improved Ultra-Shift™ mechanism impresses with smoother and more precise gear changes even under high load thanks to optimised mechanics, and the long proven Campagnolo Ergopower ergonomics have been revised with great results. Despite significant differences in technical features, the Record 12s™ Disc brake/shift lever for hydraulic disc brakes is only approx. 8mm taller and a bit more voluminous than the mechanical counterpart.

The system’s control elements were slightly enlarged and the thumb lever slightly chamfered, making it easier to access from the drops. The double-curved brake levers have an outward slant and the lever body has been moved closer to the handlebar for improved grip. By adapting the lever reach, you can adjust the Campa Record 12s™ Disc Brake Ergopower brake/shift levers to your hand size within seconds.

This allows road cyclists with smaller hands to also benefit from Campagnolo’s high-end disc brake technology.

• 1 pair (left and right lever for front wheel and rear wheel)
• Intuitive shifting thanks to the ‘one lever=one action’ feature (each lever has one function in order to prevent shifting errors when tired or distracted)
• Ultra-Shift™ mechanism (upshift up to 3 sprockets at a time and downshift up to 5)
• Further developed ergonomics with new grip shape and reach adjustment (lever reach)
• Firm and safe grip in upper bar position and when standing
• Double curvature of brake lever for maximum safety and comfort in any grip position
• Silicone lever hoods with optimised Vari-Cushion™ technology for increased comfort and good grip
• Hydraulic master cylinder
• AMSTM adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System)

Technical details:
• Compatible with 2 x 12-speed Campagnolo Super Record 12s™/Record 12s™
• For hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical shifting systems
• Material brake levers: carbon composite
• Material lever body: composite
• Flat Mount front calliper for 160mm disc rotors
• Flat Mount rear calliper for 140mm disc rotors
• 2x Ø 22 mm phenolic resin brake pistons each
• Straight hose connection
• Brake fluid: mineral oil
• Magnetic retention system for brake pads
• Brake pads: organic
• Hose length front/rear: 1800 mm
• Weight: approx. 701 g (incl. brake callipers and hose)
• Type: FG

In the box:
• 1 Campagnolo Record 12s™ disc brake calliper 160mm for front wheel incl. bolts, 1800mm hose
• 1 Campagnolo Record 12s™ disc brake calliper 140mm for rear wheel without bolts (frame-specific), 1800mm hose
• Incl. gear cables and outer casings
• WITHOUT disc rotors (optionally available under product code: 2276777)

Campagnolo guarantees maximum performance in combination with 160mm disc rotors. The rear wheel brake should only be used with a 140mm rotor if the rider weight is 82 kg or less. You need the Campagnolo Flat Mount rear wheel disc brake adapter (prod. code: 2314822) to use a 160mm brake disc at the rear.

ONLY compatible with Campagnolo 12-speed F, G or FG components.

All Campagnolo components of the new groups are marked with letters to indicate their compatibility. So, please check the compatibility of the letter (if present) on shifter, rear derailleur and crankset.

Other Campagnolo Record 12s™ components:
• Campagnolo Record 12s Ultra Torque crank (product code: 2276763)
• Campagnolo Record 12s braze-on front derailleur (product code: 2276766)

Double, 12-fach
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