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TopRide 568 Roof Rack Bicycle Carrier

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TopRide 568 Roof Rack Bicycle Carrier

Artikelnummer: 231132901

2 337,68kr

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Thule's high-quality fork-mounted roof rack for bike enthusiasts – with quick and easy mounting for both thru-axle and standard quick-release bikes.

For years, the Swedish manufacturer Thule has set the benchmark when it comes to high-quality, stable and easy-to-use bike racks for bike transport on and behind cars. With the TopRide 568 roof rack, Thule has developed a mounting system that makes fork installation particularly convenient and uncomplicated – regardless of whether the fork uses thru axles or quick-release skewers. Using suitable adapters, the fork is simply inserted into the bicycle carrier and then securely locked in place with a slight forward movement. A control button visually and acoustically confirms a secure connection. The rear wheel is secured with a diagonal ratchet strap.

In addition, the bicycle carrier has the same design as the Thule UpRide (prod. code 2268859), which allows you to conveniently protect both the wheel and the frame from unauthorised access. The straps themselves are also secured to the crossbar with a key. Those who prefer the better aerodynamics and stability of fork-mounted roof racks will also appreciate the flexibility and user-friendliness of the universal Thule TopRide 568. And if the boot is occupied, the matching Thule Front Wheel Holder (prod. code 2313656) will allow the front wheel to also fit easily on the roof rack.

• Optimised fastening system: the fork engages securely and comfortably via a guide rail
• Numerous adapters allow the mounting of quick releases as well as 12-15 mm thru axles (mounting of 20x110 mm thru axles possible via separate accessories)
• No frame contact, therefore ideal for high-quality or sensitive bicycle frames
• Thule AcuTight adapter with torque lock makes preparing quick release forks a breeze
• Acoustic and visual confirmation of correct fork assembly
• Retaining straps with quick-release fastener and rim protector
• Can be mounted on most Thule carrier systems and, with separately available adapters, on many other square/round profiles or factory-fitted carriers
• Suitable for carbon frames/forks
• Rack can be easily shifted from one side of the vehicle to the other
• Suitable for most bicycles with disc brakes and rim brakes
• Bicycle can be secured to the bicycle carrier (integrated cable lock) and the bicycle carrier to the vehicle (locks included in the box)
• Compatible with Thule’s One-Key System (see accessories)

Technical details:
• Material: aluminium
• Suitable for 1 bike
• Max. tyre width: 3"
• Compatible load bars: 20 mm T-slot (Thule WingBar Evo, WingBar, SlideBar, AeroBar, etc.)
• Max. load 18 kg
• Bikes lockable: yes
• Rack lockable: yes
• Dimensions: approx. 140 x 21 x 15.3 cm
• Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

Compatible thru axles:
• 12 x 100 mm
• 12 x 110 mm (Road BOOST)
• 15 x 100 mm
• 15 x 110 mm (MTB BOOST)

Compatible quick-release drop-outs:
• Open standard dropouts for 5 x 100 mm quick release skewers
• Closed dropouts for 5 x 100 mm quick release (Trek ThruSkew, via adapter)

Please mount forks with open dropouts ONLY with the Thule AcuTight quick release adapter (included). The ThruSkew adapter must NOT be used for this purpose!

In the box:
• 1 Thule TopRide bike roof rack
• 1 T-slot adapter 20 mm
• 1 Thule AcuTight quick release adapter
• 1 thru axle adapter kit (5-piece)
• 2 keys

Optional accessories:
• Thule One-Key-System 4 locking cylinder (prod. code 2254211)
• Thule One-Key-System 6 locking cylinder (prod. code 2254212)
• Thule front wheel holder 547 (prod. code 2313656)
• Thule Around-the-Bar Adapter 889-9 for square load bars (prod. code 23136549)
• Thule 20 x 110 mm thru axle adapter 568-1 (prod. code 2313655)

For safety reasons, Thule points out that fork mounting on open dropouts is ONLY permitted if they have common safety guides (so-called Lawyer Lips, see illustration) with at least 21 mm contact surface.

Thule Guarantee: For information on guarantee conditions and the Thule Extended Warranty please see: https://www.thule.com/en-gb/gb/about-thule/warranty

You can find the practical Bike Buddie pedal protectors for your bike pedals under product code 2305461. The matching Bike Buddie fork protector set can be found under product code 2303223.

Quick-releases have existed since the 1930s and originally allowed the rear wheel to be turned more quickly in order to change to the opposite "mountain sprocket". Then as now, installation required a certain minimum of care to ensure that the wheel was securely centred and firmly clamped. Years later, manufacturers introduced recesses in the dropouts to prevent the wheels from falling out in case of a loosened quick release. Since rumour has it that they were only introduced to avoid the litigiousness of American lawyers and accident-related million-dollar claims, the term "Lawyer Lips" has become established in American usage.

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TopRide 568 Roof Rack Bicycle Carrier


TopRide 568 Roof Rack Bicycle Carrier