Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer

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Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer
Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer

Thule Chariot Cab 2 Children’s Bike Trailer

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Plenty of space for lots of adventures and everyday life. Whether for weekend shopping, the way to the daycare centre, on holiday or for excursions into nature – with the spacious Thule Chariot Cab, your children will have plenty of room and you will have lots of storage space for toys, provisions and shopping. Quickly and easily strap the trailer to your bike and get going! Or you can mount the included front wheels to use it as a pram for a walk.
No such thing as too little storage space, especially when it comes to your children. Compared to other Chariot models, the Chariot Cab child bike trailer from Thule offers you more space and therefore greater possibilities. The interior is higher and provides sufficient headroom even for taller children. But the load space has also been made significantly larger. In total, you have more than 100 litres of space at your disposal.

Plus, the Thule Chariot Cab offers a great setup. The little ones can really relax in the upholstered seats. The seat can be folded back with just a flick of the wrist for naptime. Adjustable ventilation openings and insect screens ensure an absolutely comfortable climate in the interior. Plus, the adjustable sun visor provides sun protection on hot summer days. Thanks to the adjustable suspension, you can optimally adjust the Thule Chariot Cab to the load.
But it's not just your little ones who will love the children’s bike trailer! Many practical functions have also been built in just for you. This includes, for example, the ergonomic, height-adjustable push bar, which is comfortable to use when walking. The foot-operated parking brake ensures reliable stability during breaks and when parked. The Thule Chariot Cab can also be folded up quickly and easily for transport and storage.

To start your first cycling adventure, all you have to do is replace the quick release on your rear wheel that you have had up to now with the trailer’s quick release skewer with axle coupling and connect this to the bicycle trailer. The axle coupling can also be separately used with solid axles, which are often found in hub gears, for example. An adapter for bikes with thru axles is also available as an accessory, as is the practical Chariot Jogging Kit. The bike trailer from Thule not only offers you the possibility to ride a bike with your kids, but also to go jogging.

The Thule Chariot Cab child bike trailer offers you a lot of space for a variety of activities, so you can enjoy a greater freedom of choice.

• Thule standard package consists of a bike and buggy set, vents and lights, the suspension, an adjustable push bar and a simple and compact folding mechanism
• Thule comfort package consisting of a reclining seat, adjustable suspension and a separate luggage compartment
• Thule XXL package: spacious interior, robust design with a hard floor and XXL, with more than 100 litres of luggage storage space

• Bicycle trailers with extra space for various activities and everyday life
• Suitable for bicycles with quick-release hubs and solid axles (adapters for thru axles optionally available as accessories)
• Can also be used as a pram/buggy (front wheels included)
• Adjustable leaf-spring suspension
• Padded seats
• Reclining seat function: seat inclination adjustable with one hand
• Removable seat cushion that is easy to clean
• 5-point safety belt
• Front insect screen with zipper
• Transparent side windows
• Enlarged cut-out on the top facilitates the view into the interior
• Adjustable awning (removable)
• Transparent rain cover in front (removable)
• Adjustable ventilation slots for ideal climate in the interior
• Removable clamps for more ventilation when using the rain cover
• Ergonomically adjustable push bar with hand strap
• Spacious interior with 3 cm more seat height (compared to other Chariot models)
• XXL load compartment at the rear with over 100 litres of space
• Additional mesh pocket on the inside
• Hard shell floor in foot and luggage compartment for increased stability and easy cleaning
• Thule Click n' Store: easily take your walking, cycling or optional jogging kit with you
• Thule VersaWing System: makes possible a fast and easy conversion for different activities
• Compact size when folded
• Comes with StVZO-compliant reflectors and rear light
• Lots of accessories for jogging etc. available (see below)

Technical details:

Thule Chariot Cab 2 (for one to two children):
• Number of seats: 2
• Maximum weight of the child: 2 x 22 kg
• Maximum size of child: 111 cm
• Minimum age: 6 months (baby seat for children from 1-10 months available under prod. code: 2254688 - see note below)
• Maximum load capacity of the buggy (children + load): 45 kg
• Dimensions when folded: 110 x 80 x 46 cm
• Weight: 16.5 kg
• Shoulder width: 57 cm
• Seat height: 71 cm
• Compatible door width: 80 cm (minimum dimension for passing doors and passages)

With the Thule Chariot Cab 2, you also have the option of taking just one child with you, even though you have two seats. In this case, the child must sit on the left-hand side, opposite the drawbar.

In the box:
• 1 x Thule Chariot Cab 2 Bicycle Trailer
• 1 x bicycle set incl. QR skewer and axle mount for bicycles with quick release mount or solid axle (on most gear hubs) and drawbar
• 1 x buggy set (with two small wheels)
• 1 x rain cover
• 1 x sun visor
• 1 x rear light
• 1 x flag pole

Before using the child trailer, it is essential to check whether the bicycle frame geometry allows the axle adapter to be attached safely and whether quick-release skewers/full axles are long enough. For confined spaces, e.g. with protruding 3D dropouts, see corresponding adapters for quick release skewers (prod. code: 190644) and gear hubs (prod. code: 2049605).

For babies age 1 to 10 months who cannot sit unassisted, weigh less than 10 kg and are shorter than 75 cm, the separately available Thule Chariot Baby Seat (prod. code: 2254688) is required.
For babies and toddlers age 6 to 18 months, the use of the optional Thule Baby Supporter seat support (prod. code: 2283791) is recommended for an upright seat.

Optional accessories:
• Thule Chariot Jogging Kit (prod. code: 2256647)
• Thule Chariot Baby Seat (prod. code: 2254688)
• Thule Chariot Baby Seat Supporter (prod. code: 2283791)
• Thule Chariot Organizer Sport (prod. code: 2256087)
• Thule Chariot Footmuff Sport (prod. code: 2142948)
• Thule Chariot axle adapter with quick release coupling for second wheel (prod. code: 2049599)
• Thule Chariot axle adapter for Shimano/SRAM gear hubs (prod. code: 2049605)
• Thule Chariot 3D coupling adapter for quick release hubs (prod. code: 2190644)

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