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Artikelnummer: 230763001

A stylish bike for the highest standards of fitness on the street

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Your colour deepest purple

Your frame size

Your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size



Landsvägscyklar/Gravel Innerbenslängd x 0,66 = Ramstorlek i cm
MTB Innerbenslängd x 0,226 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,885 = Sadelhöjden för alla cyklar

Om du är mittemellan två storlekar, har du två val: Välj den mindre storleken om du föredrar en sportig sittställning eller den större ramen om du föredrar en bekvämare mer upprätt sittställning.

I vår video finns steg-för-steg-instruktioner till hur du hittar rätt ramstorlek. Vi visar hur du enklast mäter axelbredden, innerbenslängden och armlängden.

Vill du har hjälp när det gäller valet av ramstorlek, kontakta våra experter!

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30 051,89 kr

Pris inkl. MOMS plus 918,00 kr (för leverans till Sverige)

  • Built in Bocholt, Germany
  • Best quality for the best price
  • 6-year Crash Replacement on ROSE frames and ROSE forks

Minimalist design, maximum performance! The BACKROAD GRX810 MULTICROSS is the over-achiever among fitness bikes and impresses across the board. For training and everyday rides, always and everywhere – get ready for your next gravel adventure!

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    ca. 8,7 kg*
  • Frame material

Uncompromising shifting system for off-road riding

Shimano goes Gravel. Our Backroad Multicross is also equipped with the ever-popular gravel bike specific GRX810 groupset by Shimano. So you can ride without compromise on any terrain, whether asphalt or gravel.


Comfort meets sporty

Our gravel bike with fitness feeling has much to offer. Thanks to the flat bar, a 100mm Rose Square stem, Rose wheels and Schwalbe's G-One tyres, you can sit comfortably and still enjoy a sporty feeling.


Adventurous, varied tours

Made for the feeling of adventure. Whether it’s a quick lap around the lake or a tour with friends: The Backroad Multicross is your choice if you want to escape your everyday life for a moment.

  • Beskrivning

    Reduced design, extreme performance - the Backroad Multicross GRX810 is our fitness bike for the highest demands and will win you over with phenomenal riding characteristics and top-notch equipment. The Flatbar ensures great handling and a sporty, comfortable riding posture, so nothing keeps you from extensive training runs! The stylish frame is full of great, detail solutions: a perfectly adapted downtube/chain stay protector preventing damage from flying stones or chain slaps, a 1½“-on-1½“ handlebar bearing seat for outstanding power transfer. Assorted fixing points allow you to mount various straps and fenders, plus there is room for a top tube bag as well as three bottle cages. The bike is equipped with Shimano’s GRX Gravel groupset, which is specifically designed for use with race bikes on trails. Powerful disc brakes ensure perfect deceleration, while the ROSE-built wheels are fitted with Schwalbe G-One tyres, which offer great stability and high comfort. An elegant, fun package for competitive bikers that can barely wait for you to ride it!

    * approx. 8.7 kg, may vary by up to +/- 5 % due to manufacturing tolerances, weight for deepest purple frame, size 57 cm, without pedals

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