BACKROAD Force eTap AXS 1X12



BACKROAD Force eTap AXS 1X12

Artikelnummer: 231058202

Versatile carbon gravel bike for your next off-road adventure

  • lightweight

  • aerodynamic

  • comfort

  • versatility

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Your frame size

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this is how you calculate your frame size



Landsvägscyklar/Gravel Innerbenslängd x 0,66 = Ramstorlek i cm
MTB Innerbenslängd x 0,226 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,61 = Ramstorlek i cm
Innerbenslängd x 0,24 = Ramstorlek i tum
Innerbenslängd x 0,885 = Sadelhöjden för alla cyklar

Om du är mittemellan två storlekar, har du två val: Välj den mindre storleken om du föredrar en sportig sittställning eller den större ramen om du föredrar en bekvämare mer upprätt sittställning.

I vår video finns steg-för-steg-instruktioner till hur du hittar rätt ramstorlek. Vi visar hur du enklast mäter axelbredden, innerbenslängden och armlängden.

Vill du har hjälp när det gäller valet av ramstorlek, kontakta våra experter!

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48 980,45 kr

Pris inkl. MOMS plus 406,00 kr (för leverans till Sverige)

  • Built in Bocholt, Germany
  • Best quality for the best price
  • 6-year Crash Replacement on ROSE frames and ROSE forks

When the road ends, the BACKROAD Force eTap AXS 1x12 can really start to shine. The high-performance gravel bike is our interpretation of modern gravel technology and speed.

  • Vikt
    8,3 kg*
  • Frame material

Gravel-specific XPLR groupset for off-road use

The gravel-specific Force eTap AXS XPLR 1x12 is suitable for long, demanding tours and challenging gravel tracks: it is precise, quiet and safe. Thanks to AXS technology, you can easily adapt SRAM's modern road classic to your gravel needs. With its own app, the system allows for extended possibilities for customisation as well as a thorough analysis of the performance data of your bike. This gravel bike is equipped with a single-speed drive system consisting of an 10-44 cassette and a 40 chainring. So you have 1x12 gears at your disposal. ideal for getting in the flow while off-roading or riding local trails.


Wide tyres and gravel wheels

The LIGHT version of our solidly built, versatile ROSE G THIRTY gravel wheels with mid-section rim profile and a wider inner rim width of 25 mm make sure the gravel bike can show its strengths on challenging off-road rides – even more stable and lightweight. Gravel-specific WTB tyres provide plenty of grip, thanks to larger knobs. They are thus also suitable for speed on difficult grounds.


Gravel handlebars for off-road rides

This gravel handlebar is specially designed for more demanding terrain or trail sections. The ergonomically shaped handlebar has a larger flare for more control and comfort on rougher grounds. With this, you can ride with high speed on difficult terrain, too.

  • Beskrivning

    The BACKROAD Force eTap AXS 1x12 is the perfect gravel bike for challenging off-road trails. Equipped with the gravel-optimised SRAM Force eTap AXS XPLR road groupset and a single-speed drivetrain, plus versatile, robust and lightweight ROSE G THIRTY LIGHT Gravel wheels wrapped in WTB Gravel tyres and off-road gravel handlebars, this bike has everything you need to stop at nothing.

    More long distance – Endurance
    Flex is fun – massive comfort in the saddle and a gravity-specific frame fork geometry offers perfect handling on road, gravel and technical terrain. Only a dry throat can stop you.

    More off-road – Action
    The frame and fork now allow for a tyre width of up to 47 mm with 700c and up to 50 mm with 650b wheels. For rougher road conditions, perfectly adapted protectors at the down tube and chainstays shield from stone chips.

    More experience – Adventure
    Moreover, the BACKROAD has several mounting points for bottle cages, AnythingCages or bags for the ultimate versatility.

    * approx. 8.3 kg, may vary by up to +/- 5 % due to manufacturing tolerances, weight for deepest purple frame, size 57 cm, without pedals

    *Slight colour and paint deviations possible on frame and fork set

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