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Polar Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap

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When used in combination with Polar’s H10 chest strap, the Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training offers even more accurate heart rate measurement. As the heart rate sensor comes with improved electrodes, your heart rate is measured accurately and without interference. Small silicone dots on the inside of the chest strap make sure the sensor stays in place through every stroke and turn. This heart rate chest strap especially proves advantageous when it comes to analysing your recovery status with the orthostatic test.

Fast, strongly increasing training loads result in irregular intervals between two heartbeats and this is what the chest strap can measure directly on your chest. One factor to increase performance is great recovery between two training sessions. Based on the training data and recovery values, the watch calculates the cardio load and training load. It indicates how hard a training session was and gives you feedback via the Polar Flow app, as well as advice on recovery. With a precise tracking of your personal recovery status, the Polar Vantage V triathlon watch helps you prevent injuries and overtraining.

Apart from a detailed analysis of how your cardiovascular system reacts to physical activities, the Polar Precision Prime sensor fusion technology of the Vantage V offers you all relevant fitness data through accurate wrist-based heart rate measurement to help you optimize your training. All your training data is conveniently available on one platform in Polar Flow so that you can concentrate on what makes you successful: tough training. Equipped with latest measuring technology, the watch looks completely different than the Polar V800. Its thinner bezel wraps comfortably around your wrist; a sharp touchscreen colour display as well as five side buttons allow you to easily read and navigate the watch. Polar claims that the top model of the range allows for 40 hours of continuous training using the optical heart rate and GPS tracking.

On the back of the round GPS watch, there are nine optical LEDs in green and red to extract data from different layers of the skin. Four additional sensors detect when there’s good skin contact for taking the heart rate readings. Thanks to this sensor fusion technology, your heart rate gets tracked accurately even in the most demanding training conditions. Therefore, the multisport watch is perfect for ambitious athletes who also do interval training to reach their full potential.

A special highlight of this wearable is running power tracking from the wrist. Whereas the heart rate only responds to changes in intensity with delay and external influences like headwinds or climbs are hard to track during training analysis, running power immediately changes analogous to physical stress. Measured in watts, running power is a more consistent way to measure the true output. Besides, cyclists can pair their watch with pedal sensors for power measurement using Bluetooth (BLE). Thus, the GPS watch is perfect for your triathlon or marathon training, especially because it’s waterproof and extremely robust at that.

Apart from a swimming, cycling and running mode, there’s also a multisport mode among the 130 sports profiles, allowing you to track complete triathlon races. With extensive smart coaching and analysis tools, the Polar Flow software will help you achieve all your training goals and allows you to share your success with the Polar Flow Community. Polar Flow is a free fitness and training app with a web service. You can track your activities, analyse your progress and much more – on a desktop PC or a mobile device.

· Multisport GPS watch with optical heart rate sensor
· Including H10 heart rate sensor with chest strap (product code: 2259656)
· Precision Prime Sensor Fusion technology
· Running Power measurement from the wrist
· Battery life in training mode: 40hrs (when using GPS and heart rate measurement)
· Rechargeable 320 mAh lithium-polymer battery (with Micro USB)
· Transflective always-on touchscreen colour display
· Gorilla glass
· Display size: 1.2”
· Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
· Memory capacity: 32 MB ring buffer (towards the end of the storage capacity, the oldest file is deleted)
· Integrated GPS, A-GPS and Glonass
· Barometric altitude, incline, ascent and descent
· Waterproof WR30 (suitable for swimming)
· Set up with mobile device
· Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
· Custom USB cable for charging and data synchronization
· Compatible with Polar BLE heart rate sensors (e.g. product code 2259656) or cadence sensors (e.g. product code: 2025988)
· Multisport mode
· Polar Precision Prime™
· Training Load Pro™
· Recovery Pro™
· Cardio Load, Muscle Load and Perceived Load
· Running programmes
· Swimming metrics
· Ergonomic stainless steel design – also fits smaller wrists
· Comfortable silicone wristband in M/L (155–210 mm)
· Dimensions: approx. 46 x 46 x 13 mm
· Weight: approx. 66 g

· GPS power save mode: GPS data is stored at intervals of seconds instead of 30 seconds to save the battery life
· Route navigation: Import new routes from Polar Flow (via the "Explore" feature) or from third-party providers (in GPX or TCX format)*
· Distance (in km or miles): Displays the lap distance or training distance
· Race Pace: Define a target time or speed for the distance and check your speed or pace
· Speed/Pace: Check your current/average/maximum speed during training and define your individual target
· Altitude: Your current altitude is shown as metres/feet and ascended and descended metres/feet
· Back-to-Start: Track navigation to the starting point of your training with arrow*

More features:
· Time (12/24 h)
· Date and weekday indicator
· Audio and vibration alarm with snooze function
· Smart Notifications: Vibration and sound alarm on incoming calls, messages or Push notifications (Android Version 5.0 or newer required)*
· Do not disturb mode: switch off all smart notifications, automatic backlights, acoustic signals and vibrations*
· Button lock
· The free Polar Flow app allows you to transfer your data to a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone for training analysis
· Custom USB cable for charging and data synchronisation with a computer or Mac (free via Polar Flow web service)
· Firmware updates
· Choice of 19 languages (English, Chinese (simplified), Danish, German, French, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, Turkish)

H10 heart rate sensor:
· Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LE
· Encoded 5 kHz GymLink transmission
· 30 m waterproof (suitable for swimming)
· Sensor unit with built-in memory (with a capacity of up to 40 hours or one training session)
· Comfortable, length-adjustable chest strap
· Operating temperature: - 10 °C to +50 °C
· Battery type: CR2025
· Battery life approx. 400 hours when using BLE and 5 khZ transmission
· Material chest strap: 38 % polyamide, 29 % polyurethane, 20 % elastane, 13 % polyester, silicone dots
· Material sensor: ABS, ABS + GF, PC, stainless steel
· Dimensions sensor: approx. 34 x 65 x 10 mm
· Weight: approx. 21 g (sensor), 39 g (chest strap)
· Connectivity: iPhone 4S and later, iPod Touch from 5th generation, I-Pad 3 & 4 Generation, iPad mini and iPod Nano from 7th generation, Android 4.3 or later
· Compatible with the following Polar devices: Polar CS100-CS400; Polar F4, F6, F7, F11, F55; Polar FS2c, FS3C; Polar FT1-FT7; Polar FT40, FT60, FT80; Polar M400/M450; Polar Loop; Polar Move; Polar RCX5; Polar RS100, RS200, RS300X, RS400; Polar V800/V650, Polar Vantage V, Polar Vantage M

Define your daily activity goal and stay active during the day. Your activity goal is based on the selected activity level, your personal settings and general health recommendations. Your device will show you an activity bar that should be filled up by being active throughout the day. Track your stats in your Flow diary.
· 24/7 Activity Tracking: The Polar Vantage V counts your daily burnt calories, steps and sleep and will let you know when it’s time to move
· Sleep analysis features: wipe to the left/right from the clock display or push the up/down buttons*
· Sleep monitoring stop: By pushing the OK button when awake *
· Permanent wrist-based heart rate measurement: The watch provides an overview of your heart rate throughout the day and shows you the lowest and highest daily heart rates
· Activity Guide: Shows how active you’ve been during the day and gives practical guidance for reaching your daily activity goal
· Active time: Shows the time spent on different intensity levels
· Steps and Distance: Your device counts your daily steps and stores them in your training diary
· Activity Summary: Stores all your daily physical activity
· Inactivity alerts remind you to get up and move when you’ve been inactive for too long
· Smart calories
· Activity Benefit: Tracks all your active choices during the day and gives you feedback via the Polar Flow app or web service
· Sleep Plus: Sleeping good helps you improve recovery and performance. Polar Sleep Plus automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep
· Activity Reports: Follow the long-term trend of your daily activity under the PROGRESS tab
· Balance: Set your personal weight target. Polar Balance will give you advice on how many calories less you need to consume per day to help reach your target (Polar Balance is a weight management service working together with the Smart Scale by Polar)

The latest wearable tech innovations make sure Polar Vantage V gives you all the accurate data you need to maximize your performance.
· Wrist-based heart rate measurement: accurate, optical, wrist-based heart rate measurement, even in toughest conditions
· Running cadence from the wrist: An accelerometer in the wrist unit monitors your cadence and helps you improve your running efficiency
· Speed and distance from the wrist: The built-in accelerometer measures your speed and distance from the movement of your wrist when running indoors or when there’s no GPS signal available (only when running sensor and GPS are inactive)
· Running Power: Running power is a great complement to heart rate monitoring, as it helps you monitor the external load of your running. The calculation is done with Polar’s proprietary algorithm, and it is based on your GPS and barometer data.
· Heart rate: Heart rate can be expressed as the absolute number of beats per minute (bpm), as percentage (%) or as a percentage of your maximum heart rate (% HRmax)
· Heart Rate zones: The default heart rate zones are divided into five intensity zones so that you can always see in which zone you are, e.g. to improve endurance
· Training Load Pro: Quantify the strain of your training session and see how your training strains the different parts of your body. You get a numerical value, verbal feedback and a visual bullet scale for each training load.
· Cardio Load: Your Cardio Load value tells you how much strain your training session put on your cardiovascular system. It is calculated as training impulse (TRIMP) after every workout from your heart rate data.
· Muscle Load: Muscle Load tells you how much your muscles were strained during high-intensity training sessions such as short intervals, sprints and hill sessions. Muscle Load is calculated from your power data, so you only get a Muscle Load value for your running workouts (and cycling sessions if you’re using a cycling power meter).
· Perceived Load: Your Perceived Load is quantified with Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Your Perceived load levels indicate how hard a training session was compared to your session average from the past 90 days by taking into account your own subjective experience.
· Activity Benefit: Check up on how you're doing either from the Polar Flow app or web service.
· Orthostatic Test (Polar H10 heart rate sensor required): Analyses how you recover from intensive, frequent training and optimize your training and prevent overtraining.
· Swimming metrics: Automatically detects your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes and rest times to analyse and improve your individual swimming technique
· Route import: Import and synchronize new GPX or TCX routes into the Polar Flow web service and use them for route navigation*
· Speed/Pace zones: Choose and monitor the intensity of your training based on speed or pace
· Power zones: Monitor your training intensity to achieve optimal training effects based on your power in watts and define the zone limits yourself (for power measurement in cycling, you need pedal sensors)
· ZoneLock: Define and keep a specific training zone throughout training. An acoustic or optical alert will inform you if your heart rate, speed or pace is too slow or fast.
· ZonePointer: A moving symbol in zone display shows whether you are inside the pre-set or desired target zone.
· Jump test: Assesses the muscle power and performance of your legs as well as fatigue through three different kinds of jump tests.
· Custom training views (via Polar Flow App)
· Multisport training: Allows you to do multiple sports in one training session (e.g. cycling, swimming and running) and seamlessly switch between sports without interrupting the recording of your training.
· Training targets: Create training targets in Polar Flow and sync them to your watch. Your device will guide you throughout your training. You will get an alert on your device when you need to slow down or speed up to make sure your training goes as targeted.
· R-R recording: The intervals between successive heartbeats are saved and shown as heart rate in beats per minute. You can sync your RR recording results to the Flow web service for analysis or export your RR recordings to third party services.
· Training diary: Allows you to easily follow up on your past training and activity as well as your planned training sessions four weeks ahead and back in time.
· Interval timers: Set time and/or distance based interval timers
· Tap gestures: When you tap the display of your training computer in time mode, it will show your recovery status. During training, you can also take lap time, change the training view or turn the light on by tapping the display.
· Lap times (automatic or manual recording)
· Training reminder: You will receive a message after a set duration, distance or a certain amount of calories burned
· Training history: Stores your recent training files.
· Auto start/stop
· Stop watch
· Countdown timer

Smart Coaching:
· Sport Profiles: Add your favourite sports to your sports watch in Polar Flow.
· Training Load: Calculates the training load based on your heart rate and personal data such as weight, age, gender or VO2max and training history.
· Recovery Status: See how recovered your body is and get recovery feedback with Recovery Pro (Polar H10 heart rate chest strap required).
· Fitness Test: Determine your aerobic fitness based on your heart rate and your personal data
· Training Benefit: Shows the effect of different training sessions and gives a quick overview of training data after each session.
· Smart Calories: Know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you’re training. Besides, this feature estimates your Cooper test result and the target time for typical competition distances
· Running Index: Shows how your running performance is developing after every run under the PROGRESS tab, based on your heart rate and speed. Get an estimate of your running VO2max while running.
· Running Program: Create and train with your personal Polar Flow training plan for one of four different targets (5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon). Depending on your choices and activity levels, you will receive a personal running program that can range from 9 weeks to 20 months in length. The running programme consists of three phases and distinguishes between five different types of running.
· Training Planning: You can plan your training in your Flow training diary or simply define training targets like “burning 700 kcal while cycling” or “running for 30 minutes). All training sessions can easily be synced with your device.
· Training Analysis: Analyse your results after every training session. In the training analysis view of your diary, you can see your heart rate, speed, altitude, laps, mapped routes and more.
· Progress follow-up: Choose a weekly, monthly or yearly follow-up training report or define your own period – the report will show you the number of training sessions, their total duration, the distance covered, and calories burned.

Polar Flow:
· Diary: Offers an easy way to follow your training, activity and progress (in a daily, monthly or weekly view).
· Running Index analysis: Based on your long-term progress, Running Index analysis predicts your event finish times for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon runs.
· Season Planning: The best way to achieve a goal is a specific plan. Create an annual training plan with our Season Planning Tool or set up a customized, adaptive running programme.
· Map view of your training route in the Polar Flow web service
· Relive: Creates a video presenting your previous training routes and allows you to see the highlights of the session.
· Explore: Allows you to see and discover public training sessions that other users have shared by browsing the map on the EXPLORE tab.
· Social Feed: Create videos with the highlights of your training session and share them with friends in the Polar Flow Community. Follow and comment other trainers’ training session or activities.
· Instant activity and training analysis: Gives you an instant, visual summary of one training session in daily, weekly or monthly view.
· Advanced activity and training analysis: Allows you to easily analyse every detail of your training and long-term physical activity.
· Training Planning: Create detailed calorie, time or distance based training targets and save them to your training diary for analysis.
· Sport profile settings: Add your favourite sports and define specific settings out of more than 130 different sports profiles.
· Progress follow-up: Creates reports and graphs showing your weekly, monthly and yearly successes.

Polar Coach:
The free online tool Polar Flow for Coach is your number one choice for analysing your performance and checking your data for training or planning your next training session.
· Training diary and reports: Check out the latest training sessions and your client’s progress as a coach
· Detailed plans: Create training plans, set new targets and sync them with the athlete’s Polar Vantage V
· Analysis on the go: Take a closer look at the performance of your clients and give them immediate feedback on their progress

Connect with likeminded people within Polar Flow. Join the Polar community, share your highlights and inspire others.
· Social Feed: Be a part of the community. Get support from your friends and motivate them with likes and comments on their activities. Share your training sessions with pictures on social media platforms.
· Polar Flow Groups: Create a Flow Group for virtually any exercise-related purpose and share your experience with likeminded people. Join an already existing group, share your exercises and comment other members' training results.
· Polar Flow Events: Add your events to Polar Flow web service or take part in events, post your training sessions for other participants and view the training results of others.
· Trainer Data: Share your training data with the Polar Flow for Coach service for a fast feedback. Plan a successful season with joint analyses and set your training targets.

Compatible devices:
· iOS Mobile for iPhone 5 and later
· Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility and Android 4.4 or later
· Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

· Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later operating systems for desktop PCs
· Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 and later operating systems
· Polar Flow web service
· Polar Flow smartphone app (via Bluetooth Smart)
· Manual data export/import from/to third party apps as TCX, GPX and CSV files
· Import of the training history from polarpersonaltrainer.com to Polar Flow Web Service.
· Sharing of training and activity data with fitness apps like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Hit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal (iOS only), MapMyFitness, etc.
· Data synchronisation via USB for PC or Mac (firmware updates via Polar Flow Webservice)
· Bluetooth Smart (BLE) for connection to your smartphone or Polar sensors like the Bluetooth Smart cadence sensor (product code: 2025997) or the Polar Bluetooth Smart speed and cadence sensor set (product code: 2025988)

Technical requirements Polar Webservice (Javascript and Cookies should be activated).
· Firefox 43 or later
· Safari 8, 9 or later
· Chrome 47 or later
· Internet Explorer 11
· Edge

· IOS Safari 8 or later
· Android Chrome 43 or later

In the box:
· Polar Vantage V watch with M/L wristband
· Custom USB charging cable
· HR sensor H10 with chest strap in size M-XXL

Note: The Polar Vantage V is suitable for swimming. To ensure an accurate optical heart rate measurement, the watch should fit snugly against your wrist. A chest strap based heart rate measurement is not suitable while swimming (no Bluetooth transmission under water).

*Firmware version 3.0 or newer


Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Cycling features:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
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Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap


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Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap


Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap


Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap


Vantage V GPS watch for multisport and triathlon training with H10 chest strap


Einmal Polar - immer Polar. Habe bisher mit der V800 trainiert, so war der Umstieg auf die Vantage V sehr einfach. Bedienung intuitiv, klares und übersichtliches Design. Die Uhr hat eine angenehme Größe und Gewicht, das Material des Armbandes fühlt sich sehr angenehm an.
Die Anzeige erscheint zunächst etwas dunkel, sobald es raus an die Luft geht ist das aber anders. Je mehr Licht auf das Display fällt, desdo klarer und brillanter sind die Zahlen und Farben. Ich finde es klasse, zumal damit der Akku länger hält.
Die Synchronisierung mit PolarFlow läuft sehr gut, die Anzeige und Auswertung der Daten werden sehr übersichtlich und klar dargestellt - einfach spitze!
Das Laden über einen magnetischen Adapter mit USB funktioniert tadellos. Die Herzfrequenzmessung am Handgelenk funktioniert ebenfalls zuverlässig, über die Genauigkeit kann ich mangels Vergleichsmöglichkeit allerdings nichts sagen. Für neue Funktionen wie Recovery Pro kann ich dezeit noch nichts sagen, weil dafür erst Daten über einen längeren Zeitraum gesammelt werden müssen.
Mein Fazit: Alles tip top. Wer eine Uhr für ambitioniertes Training sucht ist hier genau richtig.