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You want to conquer the forest and ride over gravel and asphalt roads – the XEON CROSS makes it possible! It’s a cyclocross bike at heart with a modern, stylish carbon frame; yet, it is suitable for versatile use and can be everything you want it to be. The frame weighs a mere 1040 g, which is at the high-end road bike level. The XEON CROSS offers the safety and stability you need for cross-country rides – including powerful disc brakes. The geometry is sporty and speed-friendly – made for the race of your life. Those who reduce the XEON CROSS to its cross qualities, however, fail to recognize its true strengths: This bike is a glowing representative of a hybrid generation. The XEON CROSS has many faces, it can be set up as a road bike, gravel bike, cyclocross bike and even as a randonneur. “Outstanding!” is the verdict of the RoadBIKE magazine (10/2016) that chose the XEON CROSS with Ultegra as the test winner, just like the gravel model was rated best in a test of the TOUR magazine 10/2016. Who could disagree?

XEON CROSS – experience more of your bike!