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Expleto Sport Suspension Seat Post

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Expleto Sport Suspension Seat Post

Artikelnummer: 229817901

från 1 171,23kr

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With the Expleto Sport Suspension Seat Post, Airwings puts the focus on athletic cyclists that are looking for more comfort on their suspension-free mountain, gravel, or road bikes, while not affecting the ride dynamics too much. The progressive suspension post, with 53 mm of travel consists of a dampening cartridge and two heavy-duty industrial steel springs, which work together in comfortable and yet sporty, agile harmony. A seesaw-effect from fast acceleration, and the corresponding loss of power, is minimised through the combination of dampening and suspension. You can also fine-tune the spring characteristics yourself, while on the go, by adjusting the spring preload.
For a sensitive response, Airwings has also built in high-quality linear ball bearings, with bearing play that can be set to play-free operation. The linear bearings with up to 150 balls cause less friction and ensure good longevity despite being low-maintenance. And if the standard setting of the seat post is not suitable, no problem: thanks to the separately available spring sets, you can exchange the springs for harder or softer ones to match your specific preferences.

The included spring combination is recommended for riders weighing 70 - 90 kg and can be adjusted to the body weight using separately available spare springs and their various combinations (see below).

• Suspension seat post for all types of bikes
• Suitable for e-bikes, pedelecs and s-pedelecs (up to 45 km/h)
• Absorbs vibrations and impacts during the ride
• Increases the ride quality on and off the street
• Suspension through exchangeable steel springs
• Adjustable spring preload
• Oil dampening for energy-efficient pedalling
• Smooth-running due to low-maintenance linear bearings (3rd generation)
• Adjustable bearing play
• Construction prevents jamming or twisting
• Continuous adjustable saddle angle
• Bellows protect from dust
• Made in Germany
• 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

Technical details:
• Material: steel, aluminium
• Suspension: 2 x 56 mm steel springs, gas suspension (damping cartridge)
• Damping technology: oil (damping cartridge)
• Travel: approx. 53 mm
• Available diameters: Ø 27.2 mm / 30.9 mm / 31.6 mm (please indicate your choice!)
• Clamp: patented saddle clamp for Ø 7 mm round saddle rails (can be converted to a candle mount)
• Recommended bike rider weight: approx. 70 – 90 kg (can be adapted with separate spring sets)
• Maximum load: 140 kg
• Total length: approx. 425 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 100 mm
• Minimum stack height: approx. 105 mm
• Maximum stack height: approx. 325 mm
• Weight: approx. 800 g (version: 27.2 mm)

Possible suspension combinations for weight adjustment:
• Extra-soft (< 50 kg): pink 56 mm – grey 56 mm
• Soft (< 50 kg): grey 56 mm – grey 56 mm
• Middle (50 – 70 kg): grey 56 mm – green 56 mm
• Hard (70 kg – 90 kg): green 56 mm – blue 56 mm (pre-installed standard)
• Extra-hard (120 kg – 140 kg): blue 56 mm – red 56 mm

For the corresponding springs see product codes:
• Prod. code: 53236900 (grey/soft/56 mm)
• Prod. code: 53237000 (green/middle/56 mm)
• Prod. code: 53237100 (blue/hard/56 mm)
• Prod. code: 53237200 (red/extra-hard/56 mm)

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• 1 Airwings Expleto Sport suspension seat post

Material: aluminium:
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A737272 E1
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Expleto Sport Suspension Seat Post

Very nice product! And very comfortable at least when you use softer springs than instructions suggest. I use standard springs (ment for 70-90kg) and I am weighting 115kg. You could try even softer springs. You can also easily adjust the starting tension of the springs from the bottom of the seatpost.